October 06, 2019


Wine to Water Stencil | $5 Donation  

Driveway Art® is very excited to partner up with Wine to Water for a unique fundraising opportunity. We harness the power of (high pressure) water to create art and Wine to Water provides clean water solutions for those in need. A perfect marriage.  

Wine to Water is committed to supporting life and dignity for all through the power of clean water. As an organization, W|W not only raise funds to combat the world water crisis, but executes their own programs in the field as well.

One of our founders, Robin Tonelli, teamed up with Leslie Cuthbert, W|W Ambassador, and together brought this collaboration to the table as an opportunity for us to give back. Yes, our creative customers use high pressure water to create our driveway art, however we are always seeking opportunities to offset the impact that we have on this precious resource. This partnership is our way of doing just that. 

By purchasing our Wine to Water Stencil, you will be supporting this organization’s efforts to provide clean water to those in need. $5.00 from every Wine to Water Stencil purchase is donated to this non-profit. Learn more about this organization at

The stencil chosen as the Wine to Water stencil is the zig zag pattern, formerly the “Chevron” Stencil. You can check out the How-To video here and purchase directly here.

Wine to Water ambassadors sitting with a villager in Nepal.

above photo: W|W Ambassadors with village elder in Nepal.

above photo: A W|W village well pump enjoyed by a Napali child. W|W works hard to help these communities sustain and maintain their water filtration systems. Clean water offers dignity and empowers these communities to live their best lives.