How to Know if You Have the Right Concrete for Driveway Art® Stencils

June 25, 2018

How to Know if You Have the Right Concrete for Driveway Art® Stencils

A BLOG ALL ABOUT CONCRETE TYPES : How to know if you have the right concrete for Driveway Art® Stencils.

Driveway Art® Stencils work because you are making a contrast in dirt with high pressure water. By using one of our stencil designs, you are able to make a pattern on the driveway or walkway and subsequently turn your dirt into art. In order for it to work however, you need to have a dirty surface. We wanted to give you a few tips on assessing your concrete to ensure that you select the right stencil for your home.

Concrete Tips:

  • You need white concrete that has accumulated dirt. (think mold, pollen, weather buildup over time)
  • Recently pressure washed concrete will not work.
  • Smooth concrete, without tiny blue rocks, is ideal.
  • Dirty concrete with blue rocks or other stones will work, but the smaller details of the stencil may not show up as well. Yet sometimes they add a fun element to your art if the contrast is bright enough. 

Here are some examples. 

Examples of concrete that are not good for Driveway Art

Examples of concrete that are not ideal but could work for Driveway Art


Here are some great examples of awesome before and after effects from using Driveway Art® stencils and a pressure washer. 





Overall, if your white concrete is dirty to the naked eye, you're going to be able to create a contrast in the dirt. And just like anything, over time, the design will get dirty again. That's the beauty of this eco-friendly medium. You get to create art at your home to enjoy over and over again. Eventually the spots will fade and you'll get to do it all again, maybe with a new Driveway Art® pattern.