How to Turn Dirt into Your Own Work of Art

February 20, 2020

How to Turn Dirt into Your Own Work of Art

At Driveway Art, we have found a way to make cleaning fun and creative. By simply using dirt, water and a stencil, you can revamp a dirty, old wooden fence into a beautiful floral mural. 

A fresh DIY idea for Spring 2020 is to take your moss-covered privacy fence and add a little flair with some clean art. Using the Driveway Art Flourish Stencil, simply mount the stencil to the fence using nails, and pressure wash on top of the template leaving a clean image on the dirty surface. Remember to wear your safety gear (boots, goggles, gloves and have the supervision of an adult).

Check out this featured Driveway Art fence. Again, we used the Flourish stencil from Driveway Art, the Karcher K5 Premium Full Control Plus electric pressure washer and a little creativity. Seriously, the before and after are amazing! The roses turned this dirty fence into a spectacular floral garden pattern.

Pressure washed roses

Woman pressure washing the Driveway Art Flourish stencil onto wooden fence.

Floral Garden Party Wooden Fence using the Driveway Art Flourish Stencil
This is one of the most satisfying DIY projects. And you are improving the curb appeal of your home and that is sure to wow your neighbors!

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