Giving Back in our Community to CrownKeepers

September 29, 2020

Giving Back in our Community to CrownKeepers

As a way to give back, Driveway Art is donating $5 from every Cobblestone Stencil (our biggest seller) to CrownKeepers. 

We are so proud to now be partnering with CrownKeepers, an amazing organization based in Charlotte, NC. CrownKeepers exists to "influence and sustain the arts and creative culture in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their mission is to reinvigorate the artistic vision, scope and impact of black artists, as well as be an empowering, authentic link in the community." 

There are tons of ways that they are driving their mission including "providing art and trade-based education to those lacking creative opportunities and outlets, supporting all-level artists by building platforms to celebrate their craft(s) and entrepreneurial initiatives, and by introducing art-filled, empowering experiences for the benefit of the general public." (excerpt from  

We were introduced to CrownKeepers founder, Davita Galloway, from one of our founders, Torrie Savage. Do yourself a favor and check out all of Davita's social pages and affiliations. We are in awe of this creative powerhouse! 

@duppandswat, Co-Founder + CEO
@crownkeepers, Exec. Director
@teamblkgrlfly, Creator
@itshuehouse, Founding Member

CrownKeepers is building some amazing foundations in their programming and a few that are exciting and need some extra support include The Herban Farmacie, a community farm, and #BLKArtistsGuild, a resource platform filled with amazing Black talent in our city and beyond. 


We wanted to find an organization that not only supports the arts community, but particularly the Black artist community. It is of importance to the Driveway Art Team to find voices to elevate who are doing the work and CrownKeepers is that! We formally found a non-profit on a national scale, but once we were introduced to CrownKeepers, we knew where our efforts needed to shift. Since we are based in Charlotte, NC and all three founders call the Queen City home, it was just perfect that we are able to redirect funds to on a local level. 

Our mission is to donate a portion of all Cobblestone Stencil sales every single month, as well as offer other donations and support as we can. We are pumped to watch Crown Keepers grow. PLEASE check them out and give them a follow on all the platforms:

CrownKeepers Website, Instagram, Facebook, Donate Here

Purchase your Cobblestone stencil in support here.