Showcase Your School Pride with our Paw Stencil

May 14, 2019

Showcase Your School Pride with our Paw Stencil


Today we are featuring our Paw Stencil! This family-friendly product is easy-to-use, lots of fun and leaves a clean paw print on your dirty concrete. We love how our customers are able to take their dirty driveway, a pressure washer and use our stencils to make their driveways, walkways and sidewalks more fun! Check out some highlights below! 

The Driveway Art Paw stencil is also the perfect way to showcase your school pride. You can represent your school's mascots with our reusable PAW stencil. By choosing to spray the claws or not, you can turn this design into a dog paw print or a tiger/bear paw print. It's so easy! 

Our lightweight and durable stencils are also a great way to get the kids active in the driveway. After you pressure wash, have the kids color in the spots with sidewalk chalk. It's like a reusable coloring book right at your house!

You can purchase your own PAW STENCIL for your next event or home DIY project on our WEBSITE. Happy pressure washing! :)