Unicorn Driveway Art Stencil

Product Description

Unicorns are taking over the world these days. If you have a young child, you’ve definitely have seen Unicorns everywhere. Unicorn Birthday parties, Unicorn school supplies, Unicorn cupcakes, you name it… it exists. And now you can have a pressure washed Unicorn on your driveway to bring some magical fun to your sidewalk or back patio. Our Unicorn Driveway Art Stencil is perfect for the kids to color in with sidewalk chalk all summer long.

All Driveway Art stencils are reusable and made proudly in the USA. Create artwork at your feet and make your home the talk of the neighborhood in just a few easy steps.

  • Dimensions: 22” x 22” reusable plastic stencil
  • Pressure Washer, Safety Gear (recommended).
  • Safety: Wear rain boots or protective footwear before standing on top of the stencil to pressure wash the design. Be cautious of dirt and debris flying up through the stencil. Safety glasses or protective eyewear is recommended. Adult Supervision Advised. Do not bend the stencils in half, they will break. Use at your own risk.

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