*Cobblestone Driveway Art Stencil | $5 Donation CrownKeepers

Product Description

We all must do better. #BlackLivesMatter 🖤 In support of this movement, Driveway Art Co. will be donating $5 from every Cobblestone Stencil to CrownKeepers, an amazing organization based in Charlotte, NC. CrownKeepers exists to "influence and sustain the arts and creative culture in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their mission is to reinvigorate the artistic vision, scope and impact of black artists, as well as be an empowering, authentic link in the community." 

The Cobblestone design symbolizes creating a new path for change. Change that comes “brick by brick,” and not all at once. We ALL have to do our part to make a true change in our society. Racism is real and it must be stopped. Taking something that was an overlooked part of reality (dirt) and turning it into something beautiful (art) is what Driveway Art was founded upon. It’s also what this movement is doing by bringing racism to the surface so that we may all confront it and make necessary changes for a better world. We stand with our Black brothers & sisters.

The Cobblestone Stencil gives you an affordable way to create a faux cobblestone look for your landscaping. Perfect for a little bungalow style home or in the backyard to add a unique paver design element. All you need is this stencil, a pressure washer and dirty concrete. Replace the cost of expensive hardscape pavers. 

The Cobblestone design uses simple registration marks to create a pattern. Just use the outside windows to align the stencil each time with the previous pressure washed area. No need to worry about being perfect, you won’t notice a minor discrepancy. Watch our How-to Video below so you know how the pattern works. You are turning your dirt into custom artwork that your friends & neighbors won’t believe you did yourself.

The Cobblestone Stencil is cut from sustainable plastic. Our reusable stencils are proudly made in the USA. 

  • Dimensions: 22” x 22” reusable & sustainable plastic stencil
  • Pressure Washer, Safety Gear (recommended)
    Safety: Wear rain boots or protective footwear before standing on top of the stencil to pressure wash the design. Be cautious of dirt and debris flying up through the stencil. Safety glasses or protective eyewear is recommended. Adult Supervision Advised. Do not bend the stencils in half, they will break. Use at your own risk.

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