Mandala Driveway Art Stencil

Product Description
The DIY Mandala Stencil gives you and your family a creative home improvement project to do this weekend. All you need is this stencil, a pressure washer and dirty concrete to transform your sidewalk, driveway, or patio. The mandala represents wholeness, unity and balance. It’s a powerful symbol across cultures that denotes perfection and eternity as the distance from its center to all points remains the same. We love how the Mandala Stencil creates an oasis in your front yard. It’s the perfect stencil to choose to elevate the peacefulness of your home. Our organic stencils do not follow a pattern so let your creativity flow. Simply place the stencil on dirty concrete and pressure wash on top. You can create an entire “rug” on your driveway, a border, a runway – really anything you want.

All Driveway Art stencils are reusable and made proudly in the USA. You are turning your dirt into custom artwork that your friends & neighbors won’t believe you did yourself.

  • Dimensions: 22” x 22” reusable & sustainable plastic stencil
  • Pressure Washer, Safety Gear (recommended)
    Safety: Wear rain boots or protective footwear before standing on top of the stencil to pressure wash the design. Be cautious of dirt and debris flying up through the stencil. Safety glasses or protective eyewear is recommended. Adult Supervision Advised. Do not bend the stencils in half, they will break. Use at your own risk.

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